The International Barents Secretariat invites students and young professionals from Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Barents part of Russia to be part of the secretariat’s team as interns.

Serving as an intern at the International Barents Secretariat is an opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge on the Barents Region, the Barents Cooperation and the ways in which international cooperation is conducted.

As an intern you can expect to improve your network in regional and national administrations active in the cooperation as well as in international organizations involved in or related to the Barents Cooperation. Since the Barents member nations and regions cooperate in a number of fields, the internship provides opportunities to follow the developments in fields of your interest or expertise. Serving as an intern at the International Barents Secretariat you will also have a great opportunity to improve your language skills and to contribute to the communication and information tasks of the Secretariat.

The ambition of the Secretariat is to - in the best possible way - match candidates and assignments depending on individual background, interest and the daily businesses of the secretariat. However, assignments are likely to be of both analytical and administrative nature. The Secretariat has the ambition to keep you properly and sufficiently supervised.

The Secretariat will open the next call for applications during 2022. The call will be advertised on our web page and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Applications should include a personal motivation letter and a CV. The Secretariat normally recommends an internship period of approximately 3 months.

Basic requirements:

• Interest in the Barents Region
• Enjoy being part of a team in an international environment
• Good command of spoken and written English as it is the working language at the Secretariat.
• Fluency in at least one of the languages spoken in the Barents Region (Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Saami or other Barents indigenous languages).
• Students should have finished a minimum of two years of university studies.
• Internship is offered for residents of the Barents Region.

The Secretariat provides assigned accommodation and will reimburse one roundtrip ticket from permanent home address to Kirkenes and from Kirkenes, provided the point of departure is in any of the Nordic Countries or Russia.

Applications to be sent to: